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The Patrologia Latina Database enables you to search, browse and read this enormous corpus of texts in an intuitive and friendly manner. You can search on any word or combination of words, anywhere in the text or title of a work. You can combine search terms and search sets using Boolean operators and find different forms of a word using wildcards. You can search for words close to one another in the text. You can restrict all searches to a single work, a single author, a single volume or any group or combination of these, or simply search across the entire database. You can also limit your search to medieval authors, excluding later commentators. Finally, you can mark records and email yourself the bibliographic information for specific volumes, your notes, and a Durable URL to your selected volumes.

For customers who own both Patrologia Latina Database and Acta Sanctorum database a new cross-searchable facility allows you to find entries on search terms and texts that are included in both corpora, in one search. As an additional resource, we are adding Brill's edition of Jan Frederik Niermeyer's Mediae Latinitatis Lexicon Minus for users of both services.

You can preview the Search page, a Table of Contents showing the hit in relation to the volume structure of Patrologia Latina and an example of the Full Text retrieved by a search.


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