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Software Requirements

Patrologia Latina Database is optimized to operate with Netscape Version 6.0 or higher, or Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0 or higher. Use of one of these browsers is strongly recommended.

You can download Netscape and Microsoft Internet Explorer by clicking on the following buttons:

Download Netscape     Download Internet Explorer


If you are using Netscape on a Windows PC you need to have the Arial Unicode MS font installed in order to display the non-standard characters in the database.

If this is not possible, this application will also display a full character set when used with the freely-distributed Gentium Unicode font, prepared and owned by Victor Gaultney. Click here to see the conditions of use and to download the font.

If the characters in column B below display as those in column A, you should be able to view the full character set correctly:

Column A

Column B


Sācti colātur

Browser settings

Users should change their browser settings to ensure full Unicode compliance.

In Internet Explorer: from the View menu follow Encoding, and ensure that Auto-Select is unchecked.

Internet Explorer unicode set up

In Netscape 6.x: from the Edit menu follow Preferences > Navigator > Languages > Character Coding = Unicode (UTF-8).

Netscape Unicode setup


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